Svexa Products

Svexa's flexible product delivery ranges from licensing individual algorithms to building integrated, complete athletic decision-making platforms

Svexa algorithms unlock the full potential of your data

Algorithms & Insights

Unlock the full potential of your data

Svexa works with a variety of sports tech hardware and software providers. Typically they have established great systems to gather a range of data, but lack the deep scientific expertise to drive true insights for their clients. That's where Svexa comes in!

We will assist with optimal data identification and collection, then license our proprietary algorithms such as integrated physiological training load metric, individualized HR zone calibration, calorie estimation, and fatigue indexes.

Readiness Advisor

Daily insights on Stress, Load, and Recovery

A free app that measures daily subjective and objective measurements to predict stress, load and recovery. Our primary implementation is for athletes, the app can also be tailored for amateur fitness or corporate health use.


Try our free Athlete Advisor:

Users are provided with clear notifications when they are approaching potentially harmful or suboptimal training, or otherwise damaging their readiness.

Coaches can use the CoachView web portal to review daily data from their whole roster.

Svexa Athlete Advisor app tracks your daily subjective ratings
Svexa Athlete Advisor app provides a simple Daily Readiness score
Svexa Player Passport is a condensed representation of critical metrics for each individual athlete

Player Passport

Get the most from your historic data using
each Athlete's Key Individual Metrics

Condensed representation of all available data and information, highlighting the most important variables for each individual in terms of training and risk of injuries.


It is a component of MIMIR/IRMA that can be used as a standalone solution by teams and individual athletes.

Ellida - Training Plan Optimization

Simulate thousands of potential training programs to get the optimal for the specific athlete

Svexa works with elite athletes and their coaches to develop the most efficient training plans, enabling them to secure Personal Bests and peak for major events.
We use all available historical training data to create a profile of the athlete's individual response patterns,  then we use our physiological expertise in conjunction with AI tools to simulate results for a wide variety of training variations, identifying the fully individualized, optimal training plan for each athlete.
Svexa's MIMIR software optimizes the training plan for each athlete
Svexa's IRMA software is an integrated training decision support engine, for teams and their coaches
Svexa's IRMA software provides detailed daily metrics on each athlete on the coach's roster


Integrated Training Decision Support Engine

Combines multiple data streams such as GPS, heart rate and biological profiles with a suite of custom algorithms and deep backend intelligence, to provide a team and player overview that includes early identification of actionable training insights.


This is presented in an interactive user interface that provides coaches with actionable, real time insights to optimize their athlete's training and recovery day to day.

Overtraining Detection

Avoid Overtraining using the Latest Science

Our team include world-leading researchers in exercise physiology and related science, and one of their most exciting recent development is in the cutting edge field of metabolomics. 

Using the right combination of markers, we can monitor your athletes regularly and accurately identify early signs of overtraining, enabling you to optimize training, know when to push harder and when to back off.

Svexa Detection:
rest (blue), training (green), overtraining (red)

Svexa can help organizations figure out what data to gather, and the best devices

Technology Review

Find out what you need to gather the right data

Sports teams and athletes today face a bewildering range of options when it comes to collecting their training, performance and recovery data - this can result in an unmanageable tsunami of data.

Svexa's team will review your existing collection, then recommend the optimal hardware and software tools to gather the data you actually need, and the most important metrics you should focus on.


Gain knowledge and insights
from the creators of the science

Many in the Svexa team are academic professors, authors, and speakers with the combination of knowledge in exercise physiology, sports technology, sports genetics, data science and AI in medicine and sports, as well as applied sports science for world class athletes.

Combined, our team members have published over 500 hundred scientific articles on topics ranging from accuracy of available sports tech to the effects of different types of training. We have written several textbooks, and also have over 100 years of collective experience working with professional athletes.

Svexa's team are professors and world leaders in sports science