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We provide an intelligence system for optimized training, performance and recovery. It is designed to act as decision support for top tier sports teams, elite and recreational athletes. Our main product, IRMA, is a dynamic, realtime AI system based on integrated analysis of individual training load, biological profile, and recovery status. It can be used:
For athletes to monitor training load and recovery for tailored recommendations to optimize performance.
For coaches it offers an integration multiple complex data streams with custom algorithms to provide a real time overview of team readiness to perform, including risk of injury or illness.  
We also offer software that are parts of the system, as well as algorithm licenses and consulting on setting up complete infrastructure for measurements and analysis.


Integrated Training Decision Support Engine

IRMA combines multiple data streams such as GPS, heart rate and biological profiles with a suite of custom algorithms to provide a team and player overview that includes early identification of actionable training insights. IRMA combines an interactive user interface with real time data collection and backend deep intelligence.  

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Player Passport
Portable Representation of an Athlete's Key Individual Metrics
A powerful visual overview of athlete training, showing their individual response patterns and evaluation of their most valuable metrics for recovery and performance.  It is a component of IRMA that can be used as a stand alone solution by teams and individual athletes.
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Athlete Advisor

Real-Time Measurement and Insight of Stress, Load, and Recovery

The Athlete Advisor is a freely downloadable app that measures both subjective and objective measurements to predict stress, load and recovery. Athletes are provided with clear notifications when they are approaching potentially harmful or suboptimal training. This functionality can be used with both the Player Passport and IRMA.



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