Client Solutions

Svexa's unique capability provides value for a variety of different client types, from members of the general public aiming to improve their fitness through to top level professional sports teams.

Sports Tech Providers

There are many providers of hardware and software used by pro sports teams, from GPS vests or training records to sleep measurement or biological markers. However, these providers often lack the scientific knowledge to extract deep individualized insights from the data they gather. 

Svexa assists these providers with optimal data identification and collection, and improves their client offering through generation of superior new metrics using our proprietary algorithms.

Svexa provides algorithms and analytics that offer deep insight for sports tech providers
Pro Sports teams can benefit greatly from Svexa's integrated analytics and coaching tools

Pro Sports Teams

Coaches and scientific or medical staff in professional sports have recognized for many years the value of player data. Many clubs have built a multi-layered data collection system that captures many metrics. However, most struggle to effectively utilize this data.

Svexa provides pro sports organizations with guidance on the most important data to capture and the metrics that are most important for each individual. Our technology enables robust, easy to use daily decision making to avoid injuries and improve performance.


Modern coaches across many sports have recognized that in order to truly optimize their athletes' performance they must combine their historic intuition and knowledge with modern data-based insights.

Svexa's tools provide easy ways for a coach to capture and view daily metrics from each athlete, to gather and act on daily insights, and to optimize future training programs so their athletes achieve new PRs and peak at the right time for key events.

Coaches can use Svexa software to optimize individual training plans for their athletes
Individual athletes can use Svexa's tools to monitor their Readiness and optimize training


There are many different options for wearable technology and data capture that can help individual athletes monitor their performance. However, most focus on a single aspect of training and don't offer science-based insights that are truly individualized for them.

Svexa offers simple tools that integrate multiple data sources and provide readiness measures and advice to optimize recovery, based on sophisticated algorithms based on the latest science.

Home Fitness

Whether you're an enthusiastic amateur athlete or a novice training for your first 5k run, monitoring your own data is a great way to motivate yourself and get the most out of your efforts.

Svexa's Athlete Advisor is a free, simple app that will help you gather the most important data and make the best use of your training time every day.

Home fitness enthusiasts can use Svexa's free app to make sure thier training optimally