Solidarity Programs

Our Philosophy is to Do Good Through Sports

At Svexa, we work every day to enable our partners to extract the most from their technology and data. Our broader vision is that sports continues to be a valuable force for good in communities across the globe, and that we should use our scientific expertise and resources to enable that positive impact as much as we can.


To that end, we have established a number of internal and externally focused initiatives to ensure we're investing time and money in this vital area.

Direct Support

The simplest way we can realize our philosophy is to identify and directly support relevant partners.  We help them not just with direct donation, but also using our technology and expertise to leverage their efforts.


Currently we're working with Bridge of Sports, identifying natural runners in the Siddi community in Uttra Kannda district of Karnataka in India then using coaching and data to catalyse their growth and performance. 

We're also supporting Girls Gotta Run, a team who invest in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities in Ethiopia. GGRF envisions a world in which every girl is able to design a future of her choosing - it is the first and only organization investing in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities in Ethiopia.

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Each member of the Svexa team is encouraged to volunteer their time supporting a cause they believe in

Employee Volunteer Program

Each member of our team is encouraged to devote a portion of their 'work' time to supporting a cause they believe in.

Sports, tech, data science and education are our primary areas of interest, but all projects concerning environment, equality, justice, social solidarity, etc are supported.


We have instituted the annual Eva Hedberg Scholarship for Artistic Sports, providing financial support and training expertise to a young athlete in gymnastics or other artistic sports.


Eva was an elite rhythmic gymnast who won the first three Swedish championships, and competed in several World Championships. Her wider work was devoted to education, especially for future teachers in sports, health and special education. By passing on her knowledge, she strived to improve the conditions for the next generation.