We're Hiring!

Software Developer
with Back End focus

About the company:

Svexa (Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics) is an exercise intelligence company based in California, USA. We specialize in optimization and personalization of training, performance, and recovery for athletes of all skill levels - elite to recreational fitness enthusiasts. Svexa’s software products and algorithms are developed based on our world-leading scientific research in fields of human physiology and performance. They provide a unique integration of sports training load and recovery data with biological profiles. Our holistic analytical and AI approach consolidates myriad data points into real-time, individualized readiness metrics to provide truly personalized insights and recommendations.


Technology Philosophy:

We are currently building up a highly scalable and configurable system for supporting analysis of data for training optimization and public health. The system will work on a global market and will be highly configurable to suit different clients' needs. We have a hybrid deployment that is made for being as efficient as possible. Our tech platform is evolving quickly as we shift from prototyping to production, so new team members have the perfect opportunity to make a big impact.


Job Description

Svexa is looking for a motivated Software Backend Developer. You have experience in developing systems that will operate globally. You will be part of a team developing a system for data analysis and visualization. The system has high demands when it comes to security. This role will be a central part of the team developing new products to analyze athlete training data and provide actionable insights. You will need to prepare data from diverse sports-related sources, then integrate them for effective analysis. The role also includes infrastructure and implementation of AI and deployment in commercial situations.


  • Fully remote working (work from home)

  • Competitive salary (based on experience and candidate technical skill profile)

  • Flexible work hours (but with a few daily hours to overlap CET and Pacific, USA time zone)

  • Paid time off, with generous and flexible vacation policy


At svexa, we’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. For the first stages of the hiring process the applicants are de-identified to the evaluators.


About you:

  • Degree in computer science or similar / relevant field.

  • 5+ years experience in a similar role, and comfortable with working remotely.

  • Previous experience solving challenging technical problems, motivation to learn and develop these skills.

  • Good communication skills,fluent in conversational and written English.

  • Work independently, with great organizational and interpersonal skills.

  • Manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

  • Have remote work as a first choice.

  • A deep interest, experience and/or knowledge of sports and exercise.



  • Building scalable, globally deployed systems

  • Productization of scientific algorithms

  • Build product modules and services

  • Packaging modules into client products

  • Unit testing / Test Driven Development / Automated tests

  • Database design and development of interface layer

  • API Design and implementation

  • Continuous integration / DevOps

  • Third Party data integration (Garmin, Polar, Oura, Catapult etc)


Technical Requirements:

  • typescript

  • go lang

  • open API

  • postgres

  • containerization


Application shall include

  • CV including education and experience, plus a description of in what ways remote work is a win for you, and a resume of sports and fitness experience and interest.

  • Portfolio of previous work.

  • Statement of salary request. Salary will be competitive with flexible hours and generous vacation times.


Application process

  • The position(s) will be posted worldwide

  • The selection process will be blinded through the first stages, i.e. identifiers like gender, name, location, etc, will be taken out before the first sorting and selection. The second stage is a technical test, also evaluated without identifiers. The third and final stage are interviews with both the technical team and the business team.

  • The starting date is flexible, and the position is available for immediate start.

To apply or find out more, contact us now on work@svexa.com