Readiness Advisor

The Readiness Advisor is a free Mobile or Web app that measures both subjective and objective measurements to predict stress, load and recovery. While Athlete Advisor is our primary implementation, the app can be white labeled or tailored for different scenarios including professional players, elite athletes, amateur fitness or corporate health. 

Athlete Advisor

Athletes are provided with clear notifications when they are approaching potentially harmful or suboptimal training. CoachView allows a coach to oversee a roster of athletes, easily optimizing their individual training programs.
This functionality can be used with both the Player Passport and IRMA.

Athletes enter their own ratings on a few simple questions each day, along with results of any specific performance tests. It just takes a few minutes.

Svexa's unique algorithms combine the athlete's data and produce a daily Readiness score, with suggestions for optimal training or recovery.

Web version includes additional CoachView functionality - track and manage your roster easily in one place