With Svexa's help, Sara Svensk is aiming for the very top of elite triathlon

The original genesis of Svexa was in pro team sports like soccer, delivering optimized performance with injury avoidance. Our initial work with individual elite athletes and coaches is in the world of swimming, helping coaches like Johan Wallberg drive their athletes to new Personal Bests and peak for major events. Now we're expanding to a wider range of sports, starting with cycling, running and triathlon.

So we're excited to announce that Svexa is working with elite triathlete Sara Svensk. Sara has been quickly rising through the triathlon ranks, with a Top 10 finish in the 2019 Ironman 70,3 World Championships and the 5th fastest Ironman of all time at Barcelona 2019. She has great potential and is reaching for the very top of the sport, we believe Svexa's tools and insights can be a game changer to reach that goal.

"As a physician, I'm acutely aware of the care I must take to manage my body and physiological performance. Svexa leads the world in science for this field, and has great tools to turn that into better and better results. I'm thrilled to be working with them!" - Sara Svensk.

Sara is working with leading coach Frank Jacobsen, who is deeply familiar with the challenges and needs of elite athletes.

"There are a lot of sports tech companies and gadgets that promise a lot, but don't actually deliver. The team of experts at Svexa are different - they've been working with top athletes for many years and really understand the complexity and key features needed to improve performance" - Frank Jakobsen

Good luck Sara!

Photo: Getty Images