Winning with Data #5: Collection & Ownership

This is the final article in our five part series for the leading Indian sports publication The Bridge. Svexa's Director of Partnerships and former Olympic swimmer Shikha Tandon discusses the thorny issue of athlete data collection, privacy and ownership then presents a framework to address the variety of challenges in this space.

In the previous articles in the series, we discussed optimisation in training, exercise vs sports analytics, what's really important in data collection, and athlete profiling. These are all crucial areas when it comes to making the most of your data. However, we all know that in recent years any discussion of data has to take into account the difficult questions of who actually owns the data and has rights to extract value from it?

In this article, Shikha describes how an athlete's data represents different value to different stakeholders - their team, league, sponsors, fans or the athlete themselves, but how the ownership of that data is often unclear. Even if it's seemingly clear for a young athlete coming through the ranks at a single club, what happens over the course of their career when they work with different coaches or change club, does their data go with them? The more prevalent data collection and usage becomes in the world of sports, the more critical it is that these issues are addressed.


Shikha has an MSc in Biology and in Biotechnology, and is an Olympic Swimmer with 37 medals in international championships.