Winning with Data #3: What's Really Important?

This is the third article in our five part series for the leading Indian sports publication The Bridge. Svexa's Director of Partnerships and former Olympic swimmer Shikha Tandon describes the importance of first selecting the most relevant data to capture, and then translating that to actionable daily insights.

In the previous two articles on optimisation in training and exercise analytics, we discussed the role of technology in our ability to collect data. We live in a world where we have access to constant streams of data from myriad sources; the challenge is translating this data tsunami into actionable insights. However, not all data is relevant or important, and it is vital to be mindful when deciding the key parameters to measure. It’s all about efficiency!

Contrary to many data and statistical situations, the total amount of data is not the biggest problem in exercise analytics, instead, the crucial factor is availability of accurate relevant data about each specific individual. Read on to find out more...


Shikha has an MSc in Biology and in Biotechnology, and is an Olympic Swimmer with 37 medals in international championships.