Winning with Data #2: Sports Analytics vs Exercise Analytics

This is the second article in our five piece series for the leading Indian sports publication The Bridge. Svexa's Director of Partnerships and former Olympic swimmer Shikha Tandon describes the difference between 'traditional' sports gameplay analytics and the more individualized needs and analysis for athlete exercise and performance.

Sports analytics was famously pioneered in the practical setting by the 2002 Oakland Athletics MLB team, as pictured in both the book and movie “Moneyball”. Since then, almost every professional team has added statisticians on staff that can readily analyse data and assist teams to identify the optimal plays each athlete must undertake. Similar analytics have been successfully applied to betting sports like horse racing. Now these analytical approaches are being applied to identify the optimal approach for individual athlete exercise, performance and recovery.


Shikha has an MSc in Biology and in Biotechnology, and is an Olympic Swimmer with 37 medals in international championships.