Svexa-hosted HSTI Online Seminar Apr12: Game Changer – The Techno-Scientific Revolution in Sports

Health & Sports Technology Initiative has invited Rayvon Fouché, American researcher and author to present an online seminar. We like to think of sports as elemental: strong bodies trained to overcome height, weight, distance; the thrill of earned victory or the agony of defeat in a contest decided on a level playing field. But in Game Changer, Rayvon Fouché argues that sports have been radically shaped by an explosion of scientific and technological advances in materials, training, nutrition, and medicine dedicated to making athletes stronger and faster. Technoscience, as Fouché dubs it, increasingly gives the edge (however slight) to the athlete with the latest gear, the most advanced training equipment, or the performance-enhancing drugs that are hardest to detect.

Join us for this online seminar on Zoom. Monday 12 April, 19:00-20:30 CET


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