Svexa's Iñaki de la Parra launches his new book Habits 2.0: Change your life without using willpower

Iñaki de la Parra, Svexa’s Director of Sales and International Growth, recently published a new book “Habits 2.0. How to change your life without willpower” (only available in Spanish for now). The book is a condensed guide on how to introduce positive habits into your life. Good habits will ultimately be responsible for all the changes and the enjoyment (or not) of everyday life - whether it's sport or business or other pursuits. Do not rely only on willpower and motivation, because these two inventions are often actually a drag that does not help you achieve your goals, but actually interferes with them. Willpower saps your energy because you have to force yourself into doing an activity, and the motivation is too short to achieve anything lasting. So if you only have the willpower and motivation you will likely be stuck in one place forever. Instead, designing good processes and habits are the key to long term success.

Iñaki tells you in a pragmatic way how to tackle this change in planning, to turn your dreams into goals and then into habits for everyday success. Whether you're a recreational athlete aiming for your first 5k or a seasoned professional, Iñaki's insights can help you build the lasting habits you need.

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As well as his work at svexa, Iñaki is an entrepreneur, professional athlete and triathlon coach. He holds an MBA and Master in Global Management, with 20 years in B2B/B2C international business.