Svexa collaborating with leading branding and growth strategy team at Zag

We're happy to announce that Svexa has started working with the team at, a leading independent consultancy born inside one of the world's most creative agencies, BBG. Zag focuses on building innovative brands and growth strategies, with deep strength in Svexa's field of sports.

"As we enter our next phase of growth, we're excited to partner with the world-leading branding and growth team at Zag. Fred and his team bring a world of expertise across the spectrum of sports, that will help us further unlock Svexa's vast potential" - Svexa's CEO and Co-Founder Mikael Mattsson.

"At Zag we partner with our clients to deliver superior experiences and value by focusing on their most important need: game-changing growth. We are working with SVEXA to connect their organization across our network to realize their full potential and create maximum value for everyone involved." - Fred Popp Partner, Zag