SVEXA announces Getty investment, partnerships with Activio and Olympic Swimmers

Menlo Park, CA - Oct 24, 2019 - Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics (SVEXA), an innovative physical training intelligence company, announced today it has taken on Getty Sports Science as an investment partner, to fuel the launch of its new tools in sports markets across the United States, Europe, and Asia. In addition, SVEXA announced partnerships with Activio International AB and the Swedish National Swimming team, to provide algorithms to optimize the management and training of their clients and athletes.

SVEXA provides a variety of services to professional athletes and clubs, from consultant work to creating algorithms that structure the handling of all different data streams to their complete coaching software platform. SVEXA’s team is closely linked to top universities like Stanford, Oxford and Karolinska Institutet, has published hundreds of scientific articles, and has a combined experienced from decades of working with world class athletes in a wide variety of sports. Now their knowledge is consolidated and made available to coaches and athletes. With SVEXA’s Intelligence Platform ( a combination of artificial and human intelligence), professional sports organizations optimize their team’s training regime, boost performance, reduce injuries and keep their key athletes on the field or in the race.

Recently SVEXA’s algorithms were put to the test by predicting the race times for swimmers in the World Championships. Sweden’s Head Coach for Swimming, Johan Wallberg, comments on the accuracy “We were astonished by how precise the predictions were! The average error was only 0.3 %! Going forward SVEXA’s intelligence and analysis will provide our coaches with extremely valuable information on how to ensure that our athletes are always getting individualized training recommendations and are in peak shape at the right times”

Mikael Mattsson, SVEXA's CEO added:

"We take huge pride in our unique team, which combines knowledge in areas such as exercise physiology, metabolomics and other biomarkers, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, and an actual understanding of the practical situation for the coaches. With this team, we saw an opportunity to go beyond typical data analysis offered to sports teams and athletes, incorporating our deep understanding of elite athlete physiology to produce genuinely individualized recommendations"

SVEXA’s metrics and algorithms can also be used to improve training understanding and recommendations for recreational athletes and in group fitness classes. Activio’s CEO Moris Lahdo explains:

“As club owners and operators look for ways to remain competitive in the fitness landscape, it is clear that designing authentic and innovative experiences which members are excited to return to is critical for success. We know this well and we have continuously contributed to increased attendance and member retention in fitness clubs all over Scandinavia for over a decade now. The collaboration with Svexa will bring higher value to fitness clubs, school and teams through our new solution.”

SVEXA has previously launched their Athlete Advisor, where athletes can answer simple daily questions to receive an individualized ‘readiness’ metric based on almost 10 years of testing by professional athletes and adjustments by the scientists. It will soon be publicly available for wide download from the iOS App and Android App Stores.

Key features of the SVEXA’s wider intelligence platform (artificial and human) include:

  • Player Passport displays the athlete’s individual profile based on integrating sports training, performance and recovery data with each athlete’s unique biological, physiological and psychological response patterns.

  • Adaptive and real time physiological measurement and analysis, based on SVEXA’s proprietary algorithms.

  • Straightforward tools to aid day to day decision making for coaches and individual athletes, backed up by deep analyses.

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About Getty Sports Science

Getty Sports Science helps engineers and scientists transform human potential. | San Francisco, CA

About Activio

Activio is a Swedish company which provides the world’s most reliable team system for measurement of heart rate and power to the global fitness and professional sports industries. For over 16 years they have created solutions for the most demanding environments within the pro-sport segment, the fitness industry and for schools. Based on passion for quality and design, with a focus on clubs, facilities and people who are serious about their training and want to have fun while getting results. Official website

About Swedish Swimming Federation

The Swedish Swimming Federation is the national body for governing and coordinating the aquatic disciplines of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming in Sweden. It was founded in 1904 and is a member of the European Federation "Ligue Européenne de Natation" (LEN) and the “Fédération Internationale de Natation” (FINA). Swimming is one of the most prominent sports in Sweden, with a total of 62 Olympic medals (ranked as 3rd discipline of all summer sports medals taken by Sweden). Official website


SVEXA is a Silicon Valley-based tech startup offering innovative physical training intelligence for sports teams and athletes. Their products provide a unique integration of sports training, performance and recovery data with biological and psychological profiles. The integrated analytical and AI approach consolidates the myriad data points from elite athletes into real-time, individualized readiness metrics, so professional teams, athletes and coaches can optimize their training regimes and keep the athletes on the field, and even more importantly perform at the optimal level. SVEXA is based in Menlo Park, CA, with close ties to Stanford University and Karolinska Institutet. Visit for more information.

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