Svexa and RaceID piloting "Run Trainer" program, unlocking elite coaching for all runners

During the spring of 2021 the svexa team have been discussing how we can develop the future of individualized training for any runner with a race to run. By combining several svexa products, we’re excited to launch our new “Run Trainer” program in partnership with RaceID.

We are kicking off a pilot together on the 28th June, with a group of svexa, RaceID and partner runners using our AI-individualized training planning based on historical data, training data and our Athlete Advisor app combined with each person’s goal. Eight weeks later, the runners will all compete and see if they reached their personal goals.

Subsequent to this pilot, svexa and RaceID will be making this training assistance available to all runners.

"RaceID is all about inspiring racers in their journey towards their goal. By partnering up with Svexa we are really excited to deliver a unique new training option for race participants everywhere. Our team of pilot runners are really looking forward to executing their individualized training plans and achieving new PRs!" - Erik Sjöbeck, RaceID CEO.

"Working with RaceID will unlock exactly the kind of potential that svexa is built on, combining our elite coaching expertise and AI capabilities to deliver elite level training plans" - Stina Lundgren Högbom, Svexa Director of Sports Technology & Innovation.

Svexa's AI tech uses simulation of training results to identify the optimal load for each runner, then converts that into an elite-quality training plan individualized for that runner.

Stina and the RaceID team are ready to run! Along with the rest of the pilot runners, they have eight weeks to follow their individual training plans aiming for new Personal Records at upcoming race events.

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