Svexa advocates for athlete mental health - MH Action Day May 20th

In sport, the tendency has been to focus more on the physical health aspect and as a result, the mental health aspect takes a back seat. In the wake of COVID-19, many athletes were forced to either pause their training or find innovative ways to continue training safely. Being an Olympic year, it added even more complexity to an already overwhelming situation. This highlighted the role of mental and emotional health while evaluating physical health and daily readiness for training and competition. Svexa recently partnered with Cutler Wellness Programs (CWP), and is proud to be a founding partner in the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on May 20th, 2021.

On the occasion of Mental Health Action Day, we spoke with Betsy Cutler, CEO of CWP:

What does CWP do?

Cutler Wellness Programs, LLC. is dedicated to the fundamental premise that all athletes and students should be provided a confidential, coordinated and integrated mental wellness program as a part of their Athletic Organization or Academic Curriculum.

We have two divisions: Athlete MH LINK and Student MH LINK. Our focus is breaking mental health stigma, increasing mental health literacy and providing practical resources to improve athletes’ and students' lives.

What is the scope of CWP with respect to mental health?

CWP provides educational mental health seminars, mental health programming and consultation, as well as the Athlete/Student MH LINK mobile apps.

How did you come up with the idea and identify the need?

After research into collegiate mental health resources, CWP found that college athletic departments offered no true resources to their athletes. Most colleges offered clinical support but at no time did they offer any educational programming. That's when we turned our efforts to provide MH Education and MH Resources both national and local (By offering a "branded" version of the app). We knew that youth do not leave home without their phone therefore we could provide education and resources to both athletes and students through a mobile application platform.

How does svexa contribution improve your offering?

Svexa proprietary algorithms provide an outstanding opportunity for athletes to learn self-efficacy regarding their overall health and well-being. The inclusion of the Athlete Advisor questions augment the Athlete MH LINK mobile app making it a more "holistic" MH & Wellness app. The app will now span daily health and recovery checks, MH Education and MH Resources ~ all in the palm of our athletes’ hands! We are thrilled that svexa has joined the CWP Athlete MH LINK mobile app and believe this ultimately is a resource that no athlete should go without!

Svexa is proud to be a founding partner in the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on May 20th, 2021. With our partnership with CWP, we will encourage and empower athletes to take the next step from mental health awareness to action. For more information on Mental Health Action Day, please visit: