Stina expert on Swedish National TV - "The Future around the Corner - Optimize yourself

Svexa's Director of Sports Technology & Innovation Stina Lundgren Högbom recently joined in a fun conversation with David Sundin on SVT, as he 'sniffs at the future' to discover what cutting-edge research today in technology, medicine, psychology and artificial intelligence will be crucial for tomorrow.


As Stina says -

The role of a coach will evolve in the future, when you get help from AI to evaluate training data that comes in. Coaches will be able to spend more time on 'soft' elements, such as communication and mental health, so that their athletes feel good. With the help of technology, the coach should not have to spend the same amount of time on the strategy work around the training.

This has implications for the staff being hired around elite teams and athletes in the future. Particularly in pro sports like soccer, hockey or basketball, completely new roles will appear. Going forward if you want to get a role and make an impact, you will have to know about data analysis. In the USA, major teams already have entire departments focused on data analysis.

Stina is PhD, Director of Sports Technology & Innovation at Svexa and Global Relationship Manager at Blekinge Health & Sports Technology Initiative