Sara Svensk sets record time to win Ironman Cozumel!

As we described back in February, svexa has been working with elite triathlete Sara Svensk as she pushed hard for better positions in major events. We're excited to report that Sara recently won the Ironman Cozumel in a record-breaking time of 8hrs22mins, after finishing strong with a sub-3hr marathon!

This is even more impressive since Sara had severe post-Covid heart problems just six months ago. She wrote then: "A heart impact that could potentially ruin a continued elite career. From hard training weeks of +30h to at most going for walks, trying not to stress the heart." For about three months, Sara could basically not do any training. During that time svexa supported her and coach Frank Jacobsen with our Athlete Advisor and other tools providing calculations of how hard she could train, suggest program changes, and also estimate performance levels and reasonable race times. Svexa's race time prediction for the marathon part of the record race in Cozumel was accurate within 30 sec!

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As Sara says -"In the end, performance comes down to working hard and executing on race day. But in order to be able to work hard there are certainly things you can optimise. One year ago my coach and I started to work with svexa. They built a detailed profile of my unique physiology and combined it with data science to give me precision guidance. They have helped us get a deeper understanding of how my body responds to training and the impact of key recovery factors. That was particularly important during my recovery from covid - together we have been able to optimise my training and recovery strategies in order to stay healthy, injury free and at the same time develop in each discipline of swim, bike and run. It’s a luxury to work with pioneers of precision medicine and together with this world class team I’m certain we will reach even further in the future."

Coach Frank adds - "Svexa has been a great partner for me, their work in analyzing the data and turning it into useful information is of great value in my planning of Sara's performance program. I feel svexa truly understand the real value of the vast amount of data we collect, and when I received analysis of four different risk factors for Sara's running in combination with the total training program, I really could get a much deeper dimension of action from the data we have. Svexa could dissect my hunches and state where there were valid, and equally important define areas where there were no problems. The insights were of great value in the critical decisions, that at the end, become a part of a fantastic race day and Ironman world record in Cozumel.