Register now for KMD Sports Conference Warsaw, Mar 29 - with Mikael Mattsson as a speaker

Are you a member of a sports or esports organization? Or a start-up connecting worlds of IT and sport? Or are you simply truly passionate about sport? If you answered "Yes!” to any of these questions, then KMD Sports Conference Warsaw 2022 is your place to be. Svexa's CEO and Co-Founder Mikael Mattsson is speaking at the upcoming KMD Sports Conference, 29th March in Warsaw.

Join us during the event and discover how the synergy between technology and data-driven approach can change the business of sports through enhancing athletic performance, esports and approach to daily workouts. Topics will include Data and Performance Analytics, Scouting and Talent Development, Value Chain Management and others. Sessions available both in Polish and English language.

Across the board from amateurs to top professional teams, athletes and coaches are now offered a bewildering array of devices and apps to gather data about their training and performance. However, this is causing an increasing challenge in prioritizing and combining this data to drive actionable insights. Svexa's algorithms and tools address this exact issue for our clients. So ask yourself - are you sure you are gathering the right data, do you know what to do to extract the maximum value? Come along to the conference to hear more.

See you there on 29th of March!


As well as being CEO at Svexa, Mikael is an author, scientist, coach and athlete. He has a PhD in Medical Sciences – Exercise Physiology from Karolinska Institutet, and is now conducting his research at Stanford University (USA) and KI and RISE (Sweden). Mikael is expert in Digital Health, with special interest in Sports Performance, Precision Health, and practical implementations of science driven knowledge and technologies.