Read Svexa CoB Euan's Op-Ed: Could COVID-19 set off a wave of heart disease?

Svexa's Co-founder and Chair of the Board, Prof. Euan Ashley, is a world leader in Precision Medicine, especially concerning genetics and heart conditions, in athletes and the wider population. In this Op-Ed piece for the Los Angeles Times, he addresses an issue that's been driving a lot of conversation in recent months - the question of lingering effects of COVID-19.

There's been a lot of anecdotal evidence that COVID-19 can have lasting effects on patients, weeks or months after the primary disease has retreated. Various studies have attempted to test the reality of this picture, and do appear to show that the disease can cause lingering damage to the heart and other organs. So, should we be worried about millions of patients presenting with COVID-related heart disease? As Euan explains, it’s not so simple.


Euan is PhD, Prof of Cardiovascular Medicine, of Genetics, and of Biomedical Data Sciences at Stanford University.