RaceID runners get motivated and set PBs using svexa's AI-driven individualized training programs!

As we mentioned back in June, we've been running a pilot training program to launch our new partnership. Throughout July and August a group of svexa, RaceID and partner runners used our AI-individualized training planning "Ellida" product for their upcoming 10k race. This generated a detailed training plan for each person to ensure each person was optimally working towards their personal goal. Our AI develops an initial optimal training plan based on individual profiling and historic training data, elite coaching training philosophies, and user preferences. Then each week the AI iterates the recommended program based on training completed and daily readiness data from our Athlete Advisor app. During that 8 week period, we developed additional, related features which enabled us to provide personal HR zones and race predictions just based on training session data without any specific tests.

The participants were happy and motivated by the program, felt that it was tailored well to their personal goal and situation, and that the levels/recommendations of the training sessions were appropriate - even the hard sessions.

Now here we are eight weeks later - the runners have completed their target race, and their results are fantastic! 10 of the 12 runners finished within 1 minute of their target time or better, most setting new PBs.

And Ellida's predictions proved very accurate - race time had an average error of just 3.8%, and the average race HR was predicted with an average error of just 2.8 BPM!

Participants found the training programs very helpful and very highly motivated by the personalized guidance. They really enjoyed the experience, and want to continue with this sort of individual training program going forward.

"I really enjoyed getting a weekly workout plan adjusted to my level of running, experience and how I performed and felt the week before. It was like a small Christmas present each Monday. It got even more fun as we got our own heart rate zones after a couple of weeks into the pilot calculated from data. The race prediction that we got a day before the race was a little scary but also fun!". - female participant.

With this successful pilot program behind us, svexa and RaceID will continue to develop our Ellida capability for use by all athletes. If you'd like to hear how we can help your athletes perform better, don't hesitate to get in touch at

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