Podcasts with Shikha - How do you become the best, is passion a choice?

Director of Partnerships Shikha Tandon has participated in several great podcasts, including these two: Sportscast with Abhijit and PracticeByDesign with Nathan Eckel.

How do you become the best of the best?

When do you realize that you need to continue playing the sport they are great at?

Well, Shikha Tandon's experience in sport has been one of excellence. Listen now to hear what it takes to be a champion of a sportsperson.

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Is Passion a Choice?

Shikha is the only swimmer to represent India in the 2004 Olympics. She has won 37 international swimming medals and received an award from the President of India for her achievements. Combining passion for sport and bio-science, Shikha has carved a career in Anti-Doping Science as well as fitness technology. She develops sports and education ecosystems in India.

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Shikha has an MSc in Biology and in Biotechnology, and is an Olympic Swimmer with 37 medals in international championships.