NOW AVAILABILE IN ENGLISH - national report on Swedish Sportstech

- We originally reported on the Swedish version of this report back in December. We're happy to confirm it's now available in English -

The entire sports industry is evolving, from basic human performance to hardware to digital tools. A new "sportstech" sector has emerged - a complex mix of solutions used to support elite athletes to perform at the highest level or for there clubs to manage rosters, injuries or even for attendance management at club training.

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum commissioned a new report Swedish Sportstech - Top three in Europe, written by svexa's Stina Lundgren Högbom and C. Mikael Mattson together with Benjamin Penkert, founder of SportTechX. The report covers:

  • Defining the three main areas of sportstech, and a framework structure

  • Research results on current state and future growth

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in sports

  • Investment in Sports Tech in Sweden and Europe

  • Current scale of startups and in which sector

  • Keys to success, boosting Sportstech further in Sweden and Europe