Application/Nominations now open for Eva Hedberg's scholarship for artistic sports

Eva Hedberg was an elite rhythmic gymnast who won the first three Swedish championships in the discipline and competed in several world championships. Her later work was devoted to education, especially for future teachers in sports, health and special education. In her memory and in her spirit, in 2020 Svexa established the Eva Hedberg scholarship for artistic sports. Applications / Nominations for the 2021 scholarship are now open, closing date 20 March. They can be submitted from athletes, private individuals, clubs / associations, as well as national and regional sports federations.


Both during her own active career and many years thereafter, Eva was a driving force in the development of the sport in Sweden. Throughout her life, she was active and curious about new opportunities, an important trait for being able to succeed in elite sports. The activities ranged from tennis and golf to cross-country skiing and long-distance skating. She also started rock climbing - as a 73-year-old!

By passing on her knowledge, she strived to improve the conditions for the next generation. She did so at an elite level and has been awarded the prize Best Educator of the Year from Uppsala University.

The scholarship amount is SEK 10,000. In addition, the scholarship entails additional support corresponding to an equal amount in the form of help from Svexa’s experts in, among other things, sports performance, training theory, tests and technology, which means that the scholarship's total value is SEK 20,000.

The scholarship holder is announced on April 2 each year. The criteria evaluated are A) athletic merit, and B) potential, curiosity, and drive.