Player & Athlete Passports

The Player Passport (R) or Athlete Passport (R) provides coaching staff with a powerful visual overview of an athlete's training history, highlighting their unique individual response patterns and evaluation of their most valuable metrics for recovery and performance. It is a component of MIMIR and IRMA, that can also be used as a stand-alone solution for manual interpretation by teams and individual athletes.

Svexa's Player Passport provides a condensed visual representation of key metrics for each individual athlete

This is an example with mockup data, and does not represent an actual individual.

Integrate All Data Sources

The Player or Athlete Passport (R) incorporates data from many different sources, including GPS training capture, hours and quality of Sleep, biological samples, nutrition, subjective measures of Stress or Mood or any other regular data that the athlete or team capture. The data sources will differ between teams and sports, and our software adapts the analysis to the data that is provided. It is possible to get an initial Player or Athlete Passport with as little as a couple of data sources over a few months, but the accuracy of the analysis will be improved by the amount of data, both in terms of types of data and longer time series.

Svexa's Player Passport is different for each athlete, based on what's important for them

This is an example with mockup data, and does not represent an actual individual.

Generate Individual Insights

Many athlete coaching systems use standard cutoff values for everyone, treating all athletes as if they are the same. Svexa brings much deeper physiological expertise to bear, testing many possible correlations to identify the truly insightful analyses for each individual athlete.

Focus on What's Important

Coaches are often swamped with many data variables captured daily for their athletes. Player Passport (R) provides clear guidance on which few metrics are the key factors for each individual, that will flag an increased likelihood of injury and enable optimum training, recovery and performance.

Click the link above to get instructions on how to upload all your historical data to our secure server. Svexa will run our proprietary analytics to find the insights and create the visualizations. You will get a link to payment options and downloadable software presenting the Player or Athlete Passport. Teams and other organizations have the option of linking their data streams directly to our server so that the Player or Athlete Passports are continuously updated.

The displayed or printed Player or Athlete Passport is a visualization of the most important metrics for that individual, but all analyses and correlations are available to access in the wider Svexa software.