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Input your training and recovery data using our Readiness Advisor application. This free Mobile app captures both subjective and objective measurements each day, to predict stress, load and recovery and provide you with a daily Readiness Score.


Our algorithms and Athlete Passports (R) can incorporate a wide range of potential client data inputs, including GPS tracking, Heart Rate monitors, Sleep tracking, and biological markers.

Upload data from each provider in a separate file, and make sure that the time stamp is included for every entry. Preferred formats are .xlsx, .csv, or .txt"

The Player Passport (R) or Athlete Passport (R) incorporates data from many different sources, including GPS training capture, hours and quality of Sleep, biological samples, nutrition, subjective measures of Stress or Mood or any other regular data that the athlete or team capture. The data sources will differ between teams and sports, and our software adapts the analysis to the data that is provided. It is possible to get an initial Player or Athlete Passport with as little as a couple of data sources over a few months, but the accuracy of the analysis will be improved by the amount of data, both in terms of types of data and longer time series.

It provides the athlete or their coaching staff with a powerful visual overview of an athlete's training history, highlighting their unique individual response patterns and evaluation of their most valuable metrics for recovery and performance.


Player Passport (R)

Svexa's Player Passport provides a condensed visual representation of key metrics for each individual athlete

This is an example with mockup data, and does not represent an actual individual.

Athlete Passport (R)

Svexa's Player Passport is different for each athlete, based on what's important for them

This is an example with mockup data, and does not represent an actual individual.