In our latest scientific article, svexa's team uncover
Ellida's secrets to avoiding overtraining...

Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics combines athlete profile, load and recovery data to deliver individualized training and recovery

Exercise Intelligence

SVEXA is an exercise intelligence company combining expertise in physiology, precision health and data science with a deep understanding in technology, molecular profiling, and practical sports performance.

Our unique metrics integrate all available data to deliver truly individualized recommendations that help your athletes stay on the field.

World-Class Team

Our team members have published hundreds of scientific articles, and are pioneers in Precision Medicine and Big Data in Medical Sciences.


They are based at world-class academic institutions like Stanford University, Karolinska Institute, and the University of Oxford.

We have worked for decades with world championship medalists in a wide variety of sports.

Svexa's team combines data sciences, human biology and sports performance expertise
Svexa's services include consulting, software, and algorithm licensing

Tailored Solutions

Svexa has the expertise to deliver value in several ways for our clients and partners.

We consult on existing data collection, create 'under the hood' algorithms for hardware and software companies, and deliver real-time training insights for athletes and coaches with our comprehensive software.

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